SippinWitSammie – Episode 11 – SquadLife Cookout–3QJTs

Something about 2007 (0:40) and Salute Yave tequila (1:45) but what does Squad mean to u? (3:40) Either way be sure to check out Flavorful Fusions (5:35) and Real Estate Ray (7:50)! Always remember U built for this (10:25) even when U miss your squad (15:15) because we got a mix of it all (18:20), they saw our unity (18:40) we from Philly, they out of Harlem (20:40)! And that Fuckin Dwayne Dunston (21:45) always ensures it’s love (24:00)! I’m out (26:00) here but what does Squad life mean to u ( 27:15)? Squad Life? that’s my family (27:40) never on Hollywood (30:15) sh*t We on top of the nation (31:50), these are facts (34:20) ain’t nobody wanna see the philly boys (35:00)! She ain’t got no Mic (38:50) but she gang! I originated that? (43:40) At the game (48:45) they dap me up on the bridge (51:00) because I’m (52:28) b$tch!

Barstool talk from the biggest sipper in Philly with some of the most innovate people in the world, Sammie is the one to sit and sip wit if you wanna enjoy conversation.

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